Tomorrow Man/Tomorrow Woman

Tomorrow Women2

On Tuesday the 23rd of August, all Year 10 students participated in either Tomorrow Man or Tomorrow Woman during Session 3 and 4. This was the first module of 6 to run over the next 3 years.

Tomorrow Woman aspires to reignite girls and women around Australia with their voice, empowering them to confidently express their needs and opinions in the moments that matter.
The program give participants the agency to author their own version of womanhood for theirs and future generations by breaking down the narrow stereotypes and expectations placed on women.
All women should have the tools to live fuller, healthier and bolder lives. All women should be the author of their own reality for tomorrow.

Tomorrow Man focusses on reinventing masculinity, disrupting male stereotypes and helps participants to build their emotional muscle. The program is a highly engaging, relatable and immersive learning journey, training young men how to walk their own path, talk with gravity and engage actively, with purpose, in all areas of their lives.

Through cultivating an awareness of the pressures that come from gender stereotypes, practising activities that grow emotional literacy and building deeper connection and empathy with peers, young people are able to develop the skills to better look after themselves and others, and to make better choices. We hope all Year 10 students valued the opportunity to participate in this program.