The School Bus Program helps provide access so students can attend their nearest school. If you live more than 4.8km from school and there is a school bus route near you, you can access the school bus for free. Please check the eligibility guide and map below to see if Leongatha SC is your nearest school.
To access a school bus, an application form for bus travel must be completed if there is a change of school or a change of residential address. If your family has children at different schools in Leongatha, one bus application is ok for all schools. Please ensure all sections of the bus application are clearly filled out.

School Zones - please refer to the Find My School website to determine if Leongatha Secondary College is your closest school and you are in the Bus catchment zone. Please note if LSC is not your nearest school bus transport may not be guaranteed.

Application Form

Bus Eligibility Guide

Town buses: Winterhalter 56551145: if you live in Leongatha Town please contact Winterhalters to arrange bus travel.

Wonthaggi/Cape Paterson/Inverloch: No application form required. A fare is payable to the driver. Contact Westernport Roadlines 5662 2891 for current fare rates. PTV Website

VET buses: there are buses that operate two days a week to take students to TAFE in Leongatha and Korumburra. If your student requires access to the VET bus to get to AGA in Korumburra, then you will need to complete a VET Travel Application Form form to access this service.

Bus Passes: Ad hoc travel can sometimes be arranged to help in situations where a student may require temporary short term accommodation or for school related matters. Bus passes are not available for social or sporting activities. Not all buses have the capacity for ad hoc travel, so even in emergency situations we may not be able to assist with bus travel.

Bus passes should be applied for through the front office with 48 hours notice. Bus drivers do not have the authority to approve ad hoc travel. The welfare team can assist with emergency situations.

Leongatha Secondary College School Zone: