Year 9s Making A Difference

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Zac and Rhett are two of our Year 9 Students who have recently completed their Future Community Project. As part of the project students were required to identify an issue within the community and then work towards making a change within this issue that would benefit the community.
Zac and Rhett had seen advertising for men’s health at the time of planning for the project and they decided to investigate this along with mental health in general to see how they could possibly make a difference for people.
With the help of Mr Tarlac, Mr Green, Mrs Jacobs and Mr Andrew; Zac and Rhett identified Headspace as the program they wished to investigate.
Zac and Rhett communicated directly with Headspace Wonthaggi and with LSC staff to arrange a presentation for the whole Year 9 cohort. With a focus on mental health and suicide prevention Kris Cousins (Pictured) from Wonthaggi Headspace gave a presentation on Thursday the 27th of October.
Well done and congratulations to Zac and Rhett on a successful project and thank you for contributing to this article.