Welcome back to onsite learning

BGH Leaders

It has been a busy and positive start to the return to the school year at Leongatha Secondary College.

Both students and staff are excited to be back learning face to face and hopefully have a year without lockdowns caused from the pandemic or blackouts.

2022 started out on Monday for students with some outside assemblies where they received a warm welcome back and messages about the return to school including the current CovidSAFE guidelines.

The following day, Tuesday 1st February, at a whole school assembly which was live streamed from the gym, Mr Hutchinson and our 2022 Student Leaders welcomed all new staff and all the new students across all year levels once again.

“Be the best version of yourself” was a message that Mr Hutchinson delivered to the whole school.  He encouraged everyone to be striving to achieve their own personal best in all of their academic and extracurricular pursuits throughout the year.  

This year’s school leaders also offered some words of encouragement and wisdom to their fellow peers; expressing the importance of working together as a student body to see that everyone does well. 

2021 Dux of the college – Phillip Smith, was also congratulated by Mr Hutchinson and he was awarded his Dux certificate. Phillip gained an ATAR last year of 93.75, which Mr. Hutchinson suggested was a testament of his hard work, determination and commitment to his studies whilst at LSC.

The college’s 2022 house captains and vice captains were presented with their badges and introduced ahead of next week’s whole school swimming sports to be held at the Korumburra Outdoor Swimming Pool on Thursday 10th February where all CovidSAFE practices and procedures will be in place.

As the first week of learning progressed, Rapid Antigen Tests were handed out to students and students have been enjoying meeting their subject teachers.

The whole LSC community is looking forward to a year of learning and making the best of the opportunities presented before them. 

Mia Deenan introduces herself as one of this year’s School Leaders.
Mr Hutchinson congratulates Leongatha Secondary College 2021 DUX Phillip Smith. Phillip joined an online assembly held Tuesday morning at the College, where he offered words of encouragement and advice to this year’s Year 12 cohort.