VCAL Industry Immersion- Capeview and The Cape


As part of the Work Related Skills unit, eleven students studying VCAL from Leongatha Secondary College participated in a couple of Industry Immersion tours to Capeview Building Projects in Wonthaggi and to the Cape – Sustainable Living Estate in Cape Patterson.
Capeview were kind enough to have a handful of their staff present to the group and explain their current role with Capeview as well as their career journey to this point.  The students were able to participate in a Q&A session and were then treated to a tour of the factory which showed the production process and use of technology.
At the Cape, Tad took us into a house that has been designed to be super energy efficient and explained the movement towards houses being designed specifically to utilise the power of the sun and wind.  Tad explained how the estate has made changes to the environment to ensure that water is captured and that wildlife is encouraged to return.
Thank you to Rani at Capeview, Tad from the Cape and the team at SGBCLLEN for arranging these Industry Immersion tours.