Term 3 Whole School Assembly


Students and staff were welcomed back to school for Term 3 at a Whole School Assembly on Monday.
Term 2 attendance awards were given out by the Senior and Junior Leaders, Mr McGillivray and Mr Borg.
Award winners are Bella Houston – year 7; Rhett Collins – year 8; Hugh Livingstone – year 9; Joshua Smith – year 10; Stephanie Kelly – year 11; and Tom Collins – year 12.

Mr McGillivray handed out Term 2 Cross Country medals to the winners and runners-up.
The winners were —
Boys 17-20 – 1st: Harrison Bell, 2nd: Josh Wight, 3rd: Phil Smith
Girls 17- 20 – 1st: Molly Grimley, 2nd: Freya Liepa, 3rd Sarah Doolan
Boys 16 – 1st: Rylan Bell, 2nd: Mitch Bath, 3rd: Lachy Gill
Girls 16 – 1st: Katelyn Harris, 2nd: Harper McLennan, 3rd: Hannah Kleevan
Boys 15 – 1st :Julian Callahan, 2nd: Xavier Bolge, 3rd: Jude Fixter
Girls 15 – 1st: Poppy Stewart, 2nd: Alana Lopez-Freeman, 3rd: Lily McKenzie
Boys 14 – 1st: Hayden Bowler, 2nd: Eli Pitts, 3rd: Tim Hibberson
Girls 14 – 1st: Mackenna Anderson, 2nd: Brooke Patterson, 3rd: Lara Gill
Boys 12-13 – 1st: Angus Livingston, 2nd: Shem Hogarth, 3rd: Hamish Gill
Girls 12-13 – 1st: Pria Nelson, 2nd: Alyssa Edwards, 3rd: Bella Houston