Students develop practical skills in both the design and technical based aspects of communicating visually. They develop an understanding of the ways in which design is a part of our everyday life.

    This elective can provide a pathway to further VCE studies in Visual Communications.

    Unit Topics

    • The development of a sound working knowledge of the Adobe Photoshop program
    • An introduction to the Adobe Illustrator program
    • Use of the various 2D and 3D technical drawing styles
    • Application of the design production process to achieve visually appealing solutions to a design brief
    • Advanced techniques on the presentation of final work
    • Research into the work of professional designers

    Skill Development

    Students will develop skills in technical drawing. Students will also develop an understanding of graphic design, in particular typography. Students will be expected to use the Adobe Suite, in particular Photoshop and Illustrator.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Project based assessment tasks
    • Design concept drawings
    • Model building


    Involvement in a community design project, exhibitions at school and within the community and workshops during Arts week.

    Career Options

    Printmaking, Graphic Design, Photography, Exhibition Design, Street Art, Illustrator, Teaching, Curator, Multi media, Art Teacher, Commercial Artist, Animator.

    Year 10