Students explore the ways in which we communicate visually and develop a working knowledge of the technical skills necessary to produce a variety of folio works. To promote an understanding of the way in which design is a part of our everyday lives.

    This elective can provide a pathway to further VCE Studies in Visual Communication.

    Unit Topics

    Students engage in and learn the following:

    • Adobe suite (InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop)
    • Technical drawing skills to depict two and three dimensional objects
    • Freehand drawing and rendering of objects to create a realistic effect
    • Design elements and principles

    Skill Development

    Adobe software suite, DSLR camera skills and techniques, Creative Thinking.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • A folio documenting the exploration of mediums and the production of finished art works
    • A workbook documenting the development of ideas
    • A research assignment.


    Students will be involved with exhibitions at school and within the community. Workshops during Arts week.

    Career Options

    Artist, Curator, Photographer, Designer, Conservator, Multimedia, Photographic Journalist, Art Teacher, Commercial Artist, Aerial Photographer, Photo Editor, Sports Photographer, Digital Asset Manager, Studio Lighting Assistant, Science Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Fine Art Photographer, Animator.

    Year 9