Team Sports is a semester run elective that provides the opportunity for students to work collaboratively to study and explore issues related to team sports and performance.

    Unit Topics

    Topics of main focus include:

    • Session planning and peer teaching
    • Physiological benefits of a warmup and skill development
    • Three phases of skill acquisition
    • Coaching Styles
    • Games analysis and improvement
    • Participation and organisation of sports tournament, including administration roles

    Students participate in a range of team based sports that are selected based on the group’s interests.They are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge of participating in team sports as well as administering team sports. They will learn how to plan and implement effective training sessions, explore different coaching styles, methods of delivery and ways to analyse and improve team performance.

    They will be involved in the organisation of a sports tournament which runs over the course of a term, where a range of administration roles will be undertaken to ensure the smooth running of a tournament. Roles include coaching, umpiring, statistician, reporter, publications, film crew and scoring.

    Skill Development

    Leadership, communication, respect, self esteem, positive relationships, teamwork. Game sense, specific game rules.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Create a game – peer taught lesson
    • Stages of Team formation interviews
    • Participation, involvement in and organisation of sports tournament
    • Coaching styles research assignment


    Using local ovals and parks for different recreational activities.

    Career Options

    Personal Trainer, Sports Analyst, Tourism, Sports Research, Recreation Management, Swimming Teacher, Biomechanist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy, Sports Physician, Statistician, Weight Loss

    Year 10