Students will learn about fashion in the 21st century and specifically about fast fashion’s environmental and social impact. Students will then have the opportunity to design and create sustainable pieces of their own. This subject is both theory and practical-based.

    Unit Topics

    Students will examine the impact of fast fashion. Students will then provide alternatives to fast fashion by designing multiple sustainable designs and then creating a garment or accessory. There will be a design, production, and evaluation process.

    Skill Development

    • Students will design multiple sustainable pieces.
    • Create a folio with annotations.
    • Creatively select and experiment with a range of materials.
    • (Previous sewing skills are not necessary, but they are a bonus)

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    The following learning activities will be used to indicate performance in relation to the Victorian Curriculum Standards.

    Students will:

    • produce a folio of sustainable designs with annotations
    • create sustainable garments/accessories.
    • write reflectively about their designs and how they promote sustainability

    Career Options

    Fashion Designer, Textile Designer, Retail Buyer, Fashion Stylist, Visual Merchandiser, Ethical Trade/Sourcing Manager, Sustainability Coordinator, Market Researcher, Supply Chain Manager.

    Year 9