SPARK focuses on explicitly teaching the LSC Effective Learner attitudes, skills and knowledge as well as Respectful Relationships, positive wellbeing, and Careers. Students develop their understanding of the importance of growth mindsets, unpack how the brain learns, set personal learning goals, and reflect on their character and skill strengths throughout the Semester.

    Unit Topics

    • LSC Effective Learner Attitudes
    • Personal Learning
    • Respectful Relationships
    • Positive Wellbeing
    • Careers
    • Personal/Community Project

    Skill Development

    • Research skills and practices
    • Leadership, teamwork, collaboration, cooperation, effective communication
    • Creativity, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal expression
    • Perseverance, self-direction, planning, self-discipline, adaptability, initiative
    • Self-assessment, goal setting and reflection

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Students are involved in many tasks over the year involving the above skills, knowledge and attitudes. Students self-assess their learning and set individual goals and actions to improve their learning. Teachers assess each individual on their ability to meet the LSC Effective Learner Traits.


    Some camps, activities and excursions are arranged in line with the Spark curriculum.

    Career Options

    The Spark curriculum is designed to enhance students essential skills and wellbeing as well as deepen their understanding of the attitudes and skills to become successful at school and in their future careers.

    Year 9