Students explore designing and creating 3 dimensional forms from a range of sculptural materials such as paper mache, modroc (plaster bandage) and clay. They consolidate and build upon skills and knowledge acquired in earlier years. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal style of creative expression through following a design process in a sketchbook. This will result in individual or collaborative sculpture pieces in a range of various media. Students will prepare for the presentation of their final artworks for an exhibition. This will be supported by the study of artist’s practices and artworks from various times and cultures.

    This elective can provide a pathway to further Art studies in VCE Art Making and Exhibiting.

    Unit Topics

    Students develop artworks that demonstrate their own preferred style, themes and properties in a three dimensional form. Students document the development of their ideas and expand their use of art terminology. Students learn to reflect and be able to talk about their own artwork and analyse work created by other artists.

    Skill Development

    Students learn through exploring a range of three-dimensional arts forms to develop skills in assemblage, modelling, construction and carving. Students also learn about the history of art and analysing artworks and their meaning.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Sketchbook/Folio
    • 3 Dimensional Ceramic Artwork
    • 3 Dimensional Paper Mache Artwork
    • 3 Dimensional Modroc Art work
    • Analysis of a selected sculpture


    Outdoor sculpture school projects, Exhibitions at school and within the community and workshops during Arts week.

    Career Options

    Artist, Sculptor, Potters and Ceramic Artist, Fibre Artist, Furniture Maker, Public Artist, Curator, Arts and Crafts Professional, Photographer, Designer, Conservator, Street Artist, Art Teacher, Art Director, Interior Designer, Floral Designer, Industrial Designer, Jewellery Artist, Precious Stone and Metal Worker, Commercial Artist, Fine Artist.

    Year 9