This unit is designed to provide students with a variety of experiences in science with relevant links to the real world. They will further develop their general skills and knowledge related to the study of science with a focus on selected elements of Biological Science, Chemical Science, Earth and Space Science and Physical Science. An emphasis will be placed on laboratory work; students will learn by using equipment, making observations, gathering information, solving problems and performing experiments. Year 9 science aims to further develop the students’ understanding of the scientific method and purposeful investigation techniques.

    Unit Topics

    • Investigate the interdependencies between biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems
    • Explore the ways in which the human body as a system responds to its external environment.
    • Begin to apply their understanding of energy and forces to global systems including continental movement.
    • Are introduced to the notion of the atom as a system of protons, electrons and neutrons, and understand how this system can change through nuclear decay
    • Learn that matter can be rearranged through chemical change and that these changes play an important role in many systems
    • Begin to develop a more sophisticated view of energy transfer.
    • Explore the physical evidence for different theories, such as the Big Bang theory.

    Skill Development

    • Students formulate hypotheses and analyse data to draw and evaluate conclusions using primary and secondary sourced evidence.
    • Focus on explaining phenomena involving science and its applications.
    • Begin to evaluate current scientific views and construct evidence based arguments
    • Communicate science ideas for specific purposes

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Scientific Reports, Practical investigations, Presentations, Unit tests, Scientific posters, models of concepts.


    Class discussion, group work, modelling, designing, investigating.

    Career Options

    Year 9 Science provides essential skills for further science studies in VCE in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. It also provides underpinning knowledge for a number of technology subjects and various trades.

    Year 9