Do you ever watch movies and wonder whether the feats they perform are really possible? Can you jump a bus over a gap in a bridge? Can high school students really build a bomb? Can we really clone dinosaurs?

    Unit Topics

    The Science in Movies course will be a combination of theoretical and practical elements. Students will watch 4 movies across the semester, learn about the theoretical elements and complete practical activities. They will also have the opportunity to design their own experiments to prove the scientific theory. 

    Each film will focus on a particular branch of Science 

    • Speed (Physics) 
    • Jurassic Park (Genetics) 
    • Spare Parts (Robotics) 
    • The Manhattan Project (Nuclear Physics) 

    Skill Development

    Students will develop skills in critical thinking, researching scientific concepts, systematic experimentation and analysis of scientific results. 

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Detailed written scientific analysis of a feature film 

    • Experimental design 
    • Practical report

    Career Options

    Science in Movies teaches critical thinking skills which are applicable in further science studies in VCE in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. These skills are also essential for a number of technology subjects and various trades.

    Year 9