VCE Physical Education explores the complex interrelationships between anatomical, biomechanical, physiological and skill acquisition principles to understand their role in producing and refining movement, and examines behavioural, psychological, environmental and sociocultural influences on performance and participation in physical activity.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – The human body in motion

    Unit 2 – Physical activity, sport and society

    Unit 3 – Movement skills and energy for physical activity

    Unit 4 – Training to Improve Performance

    Skill Development

    Analytical skills-data, text, graphs, Application skills-applying key knowledge to real life scenarios, Public  speaking.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    School Assessed Course Work (SAC’s), Topic tests, Chapter questions, Written assignments, Oral Presentations, Project based work, Exam.


    Individual/ Partner/Group work, Class discussion, Practical activities.

    Career Options

    Teaching, Health Science, Nursing, Coaching, Psychology.

    Year 11 & 12