This subject is an important stepping stone to students considering selecting VCE Music in the future. It is a “hands on” class where participation and active involvement is the focus. Although this subject will assist students wishing to continue with further serious study of music it also caters for students with a general interest in music, by looking at the many careers available in the Music Industry. These areas of study include sound production, recording techniques, Track production, computer music, band & event management, stage management, song writing, film music and many others.

    Although this subject is available to any student with an interest in music, students who are currently receiving lessons on an instrument are encouraged to select this subject. The course aims to be flexible in order to cater for the many interests within the music area.

    Unit Topics

    The course focuses on improving student understanding of:

    • Performance techniques
    • Aural recognition
    • Composition and arrangement of music
    • Musical styles
    • Music Theory
    • Computer music/music production
    • Contemporary music
    • Areas of music related to/that assist performance, e.g.. sound production

    Skill Development

    • Understanding at how music is put together
    • Develop some performance skills

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Class band
    • Samba band
    • Theory and written activities
    • Band


    Samba flash mob and class performances

    Career Options

    Musician, music technician, music teacher, composer/arranger, music business.

    Year 10