VCE Music is based on active engagement in all aspects of music. Students develop and refine musicianship skills and knowledge and develop a critical awareness of their relationship with music as listeners, performers, creators and music makers. Students explore, reflect on and respond to the music they listen to, create and perform. They analyse and evaluate live and recorded performances, and learn to incorporate, adapt and interpret musical practices from diverse cultures, times and locations into their own learning about music as both a social and cultural practice. Students study and practise ways of effectively communicating and expressing musical ideas to an audience as performers and composers, and respond to musical works as an audience. The developed knowledge and skills provide a practical foundation for students to compose, arrange, interpret, reimagine, improvise, recreate and critique music in an informed manner. In this study students are offered a range of pathways that acknowledge and support a variety of student backgrounds and music learning contexts, including formal and informal.

    Unit Topics

    Year 11 (Units 1 & 2)

    UNIT 1 – Organisation in music,

     UNIT 2 – Effect in music Areas of Study: Performing, Creating, Analysing & responding.

    Year 12 (Units 3 & 4)

    You can elect to study one of the following 4 subjects:

    Music inquiry

    UNIT 3 Influence in music. UNIT 4 Project

    Areas of Study: Music making, Analysing for music making, Responding.

    Music contemporary performance: UNIT 3 & 4

    Areas of Study: Performing, Analysing for performance, Responding.

    Music repertoire performance: UNIT 3 & 4

    Areas of Study: Performing, Analysing for performance, Responding.

    Music composition: UNIT 3 & 4

    Areas of Study: Creating, Analysing for composition, Responding.

    Skill Development

    Theory & aural skills, musicianship, performance

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Performances of works including group work & solo work with accompaniment. Demonstration of technical work and exercises. Explanation of how selected technical work and exercises support development as an instrumentalist.

    A performance of unprepared material in a test or other performance context. Aural, written and practical tasks & test.


    Practical experimentation, Research, Group work, Reading and questions from text, Application of knowledge to unfamiliar contexts, Excursions, Performance opportunities.

    Career Options

    Musician, music technician, music teacher, composer/arranger, music business.

    Year 11 & 12