Media is the study of film, television, online and print mass communication, it examines how and why various types of media texts are made, as well as techniques used by the media to manipulate audience reactions.

    Unit Topics

    Students will experience the following:

    • Production workshops which provides a variety of activities from some of the following: video, animation; print media, computer generated media.
    • Responding to media which involves reviews of film, television and technology with emphasis on development of structure, narrative elements and their historical and cultural significance.

    Skill Development

    • Cinematography/videography
    • Digital video editing and manipulation
    • Digital special effects

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Music Video
    • Special effects folio
    • Advertising analysis
    • Magazine layout


    Film and television director, producer, editor, script writer, cinematographer, special-effects technician, newspaper or magazine publisher, layout designer, animator, radio presenter, director, producer, sound technician, sound editor.

    Year 10