This subject aims to develop students’ understanding of the film production process. Students will learn how to analyse and produce their own short films.

    Unit Topics

    The Year 9 Media course will be a combination of theoretical and practical elements, with the following broad topics covered:

    • Film analysis using Production and Story elements
    • Video planning and pre-production
    • Video production and filming
    • Video post-production and editing
    • Special effects makeup

    Skill Development

    Students will develop skills with video production equipment such as cameras, lights and chroma keys, and software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Garageband.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Detailed written analysis of a feature film
    • Produce a video using stock footage which matches a provided piece of music
    • Produce a piece of music to match a provided video
    • Plan, pitch and produce a short film

    Career Options

    Film and Television director, producer, editor, script writer, cinematographer, videographer, special-effects technician, animator, compositor, motion graphics designer, sound technician, sound editor.

    Year 9