Media is the study of film, television, online and print mass communication, it examines how and why various types of media texts are made, as well as techniques used by the media to manipulate audience reactions.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Media forms, representations and Australian Stories 

    Unit 2 – Narrative across media forms

    Unit 3 – Media narratives and pre-production 

    Unit 4 – Media production and issues in the media

    Skill Development

    In studying Media, students develop the knowledge and skills required to analyse and explore media texts, as well as the impact that mass communication has upon society. Students will learn how production and story elements are used in film narratives and develop the skills to produce their own films, videos, and magazines.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Close analysis of films, Research-based essays, Case study analysis, Video products (both collaborative or individual), Magazine or print media products (both collaborative or individu- al), Podcasts, Blogs. Activities/Camps/Excursions


    ACMI/Top Arts excursion, individual filming outside of school and during holidays

    Career Options

    Film and television director, producer, editor, script writer, cinematographer, special-effects technician, newspaper or magazine publisher, layout designer, writer, or editor, animator, radio presenter, director, producer, sound technician, sound editor.

    Year 11 & 12