The aim is to build on existing skills and to reinforce the significance of working mathematically in order to understand how to apply mathematics in day to day situations.

    Unit Topics

    Units studied will include the following topics:

    • Number and Algebra
    • Geometry and Measurement
    • Statistics and Probability

    Skill Development

    Build on Year 8 course with an emphasis on practical applications of mathematics in areas of algebra, finance, measurement and data analysis.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Learning activities will be used to indicate performance in relation to the Victorian Curriculum Achievement levels. Students will:

    • maintain an organised workbook and project book containing set work and displaying logical, detailed solutions
    • carry out and report on projects undertaken individually, in small groups or as a class activity
    • develop work habits that are integrated into their assessments topic tests

    Career Options

    Business and Education, Trades, Nursing and Allied Health.

    Year 9