Year 10 provides students an opportunity to develop their Indonesian language skills and cultural understanding. The course caters for a variety of needs and skills, including those required by students aspiring to take on Language Other Than English studies at VCE. Teachers aim to provide students an enjoyable learning experience that includes developing understanding of the fascinating Indonesian people and culture, alongside language development. The College conducts a bi-annual study tour to Jogjakarta and, at the end of Year 10 or 11, students can also host an Indonesian student and/or be hosted by an Indonesian family for six weeks over summer via the IndoAustay Student Exchange Program.

    Unit Topics

    The key features of the L.O.T.E. program are the use of everyday language in an activity-based course. The following topics will be included: family, friends, school, leisure, letter writing, food, shopping, a diary and travel.

    Skill Development

    Students learn the macro skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students also undertake associated cultural skills such as cooking and music.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Structured conversations
    • Oral presentations
    • Reading comprehension
    • Listening/speaking skills


    Indonesian Excursion – Our next Excursion to Yogyakarta/Bali is scheduled for December 2020

    Southbound Exchange – An opportunity to host an Indonesian exchange student is offered each year

    Northbound Exchange – An opportunity to travel as an exchange student to Indonesia is offered each year

    Career Options

    The ability to communicate in another language provides opportunities for employment in the fields of interpreting, social services, ethnic affairs, the tourism and hospitality industries, international relations, the arts, commerce, technology, science, education etc. Specific jobs that specify the Indonesian language include Army/Navy/Airforce. Also, most international Airlines prefer that their staff have a second (preferably Asian) language.

    Year 10