In Year 9 the aim is to give all students a positive and enjoyable experience in expanding their understanding and development of the Indonesian language and culture. This course offers an important sequential preparation for further studies of Indonesian at the senior levels. Students will be given additional opportunities to improve their written and oral skills in the language. Indonesian aims to enable all students to experience success in using the language in a variety of situations and therefore also assists in the development of literacy in English.

    Unit Topics

    The key features of the Indonesian course are:

    • introduction of everyday language in an activity based program
    • consolidation of writing Indonesian using the affix system
    • introduction of new grammar structures to enable students greater versatility in expressing their thoughts both orally and in written form
    • expansion of student vocabulary range, especially words and expressions relating to student experiences and daily life.

    Skill Development

    The following learning activities will be used to indicate performance in relation to the Victorian Curriculum:

    • listening; using a range of media including Indonesian films, YouTube and listening tests
    • speaking; using Indonesian to talk about yourself and family, school, daily routines, expressing likes/ dislikes and giving opinions
    • reading; using emails, pen friends and specific reading tasks from textbooks
    • writing; to produce personal letters, e-mails, diary entries or simple notes to family and friends.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Various themed essays
    • Oral presentation
    • Reading comprehension
    • Listening/speaking skills

    Career Options

    The ability to communicate in another language, in conjunction with other skills, may provide opportunities for employment in the fields of interpreting, social services, ethnic affairs, the tourism and hospitality industries, international relations, the arts, commerce, technology, science, education etc. Specific jobs that specify the Indonesian language include the Army/Navy/Airforce. Also, most international Airlines prefer that their host/hostesses have a second (preferably Asian) language.

    Year 9