The study of Indonesian focuses on the area of communication, and the development of the 4 skills of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Students also develop in the areas of cross-cultural understanding, intercultural learning, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge. This study provides access to the culture of communities which use the language and promotes understanding of different attitudes and values within the wider Australian community and beyond.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – The Personal World, Customs and Traditions, Visiting Indonesia

    Unit 2 – The World of Work, Lifestyles, Arts and Entertainment

    Unit 3 – Environmental Issues, Education and Aspirations, Australian/Indonesian Relations

    Unit 4 – Stories from the Past, Social Issues, Personal Opinions and Values

    Skill Development

    Students learn the macro skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening in a variety of ways.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Speaking – Roleplays, Oral Presentations, Conversation/Discussions with their Teacher Listening – Specific Listening Tasks via Audio & Video presentations

    Reading – Specific Reading Tasks from a variety of Texts

    Writing – Writing tasks in a variety of formats including essays, posters, advertisements and research projects


    Indonesian Excursion – Our next Excursion to Yogyakarta/Bali is scheduled for December 2018 Southbound Exchange – An opportunity to host an Indonesian exchange student is offered each year Northbound Exchange – An opportunity to travel as an exchange student to Indonesia is offered each year

    Career Options

    The ability to communicate in another language provides opportunities for employment in the fields of interpreting, social services, ethnic affairs, the tourism and hospitality industries, international relations, the arts, commerce, technology, science, education etc. Specific jobs that specify the Indonesian language include the Army/Navy/Airforce. Also, most international Airlines prefer that their staff have a second (preferably Asian) language.

    Year 11 & 12