VCE Legal Studies is about the way the law relates to and serves both individuals and the community. It focuses on developing an understanding of the way in which law is generated, structured and operates in Australia.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – The presumption of innocence

    Unit 2 – Wrongs and rights

    Unit 3 – Rights and justice

    Unit 4 – The people, the law and reform

    Skill Development

    Applying knowledge of the law to case situations. Understanding of notions of justice and how our courts and institutions reflect this. Students will be expected to be capable readers and will develop their note-taking abilities. 2018 sees a new curriculum for Legal Studies. The focus is now more on higher order thinking (eg: analysing and evaluating) and applying your knowledge to recent cases.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Mainly topic tests, essay and research projects. In Year 12, these will all be done under timed and graded conditions.


    Students will visit Melbourne to go to State Parliament, the County Court and the Supreme Court. Students may also go to a local Magistrates’ Court

    Career Options

    This subject provides an excellent foundation for careers in the law. Some of these include: barrister, solicitor, legal clerk, police force, teacher and youth worker.

    Year 11 & 12