A skills based approach to exploring the major themes and ideas of the year 10 Humanities curriculum, with opportunity for students to focus on one theme of their choosing. Learning activities will draw from the four major humanities pillars of Geography, History, Economics and Civics & Citizenship. Skills learnt over first and second terms will then culminate into a major project, guided by student interest.

    Unit Topics

    Global wellbeing, personal finance, World War II, the Australian Constitution

    Skill Development

    Source and data analysis, reasoning, writing, researching, using evidence

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Tests
    • Research tasks
    • Slideshow presentations
    • Workbook or portfolio


    • Timeline interpretation
    • Data and map interpretation
    • Explaining and evaluating
    • Using historical source material
    • Case studies

    Career Options

    This is a general unit aiming to support all student pathways.

    Year 10