A combination of key skills and concepts from geography and economics, looking specifically at core elements of business management, geographic fieldwork, environments and human wellbeing. The subject will also examine how businesses impact the environment. 

    Unit Topics

    • Human impacts on the environment
    • Global wellbeing
    • Interest rates, inflation and the RBA
    • Personal finance
    • Business innovation

    Skill Development

    • Map and data analysis
    • Reasoning
    • Research
    • Financial literacy
    • Innovative thinking

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Case Study Analysis
    • Extended Responses 
    • Quizzes
    • Tests
    • Fieldwork Report
    • Source Analysis


    Using choropleth maps

    Geographical fieldwork

    Local business visits

    Business owner and/or Landcare incursion

    Business inquiries

    Career Options

    Geographer, environmental scientist, business owner, business manager, entrepreneur, surveyor, town planner

    Year 10