A comprehensive look at World War II’s causes and consequences, the formation and functions of the United Nations, the implementation of human rights, and the causes and significance of the Indigenous Civil Rights Movement in Australia. Students will also develop historical skills and research techniques.

    Unit Topics

    – Analyse World War II’s causes, consequences & its impact on global society.

    – Evaluate the impact and significance of the Holocaust

    – Explain the role of the UN in global peace keeping

    – Evaluate the historical significance of the Indigenous civil rights events.

    Skill Development

    Chronology, cause and event, historical significance, historical perspective and empathy, research

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Tests
    • Source Analysis
    • Quizzes
    • Timeline Interpretation 
    • Extended Responses
    • Essay


    • Research projects
    • Source Analysis
    • Case Study 
    • Map Interpretation 
    • Creative and historical essay writing
    • Timeline creation 
    • Holocaust museum visit (real or virtual)

    Career Options

    Historian, teacher, author, politician, lawyer, advocate, activist, journalist, diplomat, police officer and anything else that is supported by understanding peoples’ pasts.

    Year 10