The study of VCE History assists students to understand themselves, others and their world, and broadens their perspective by examining people, groups, events, ideas and movements. Through studying VCE History, students develop social, political, economic and cultural understanding. They also explore continuity and change: the world is not as it has always been, and it will be subject to change in the future. In this sense, history is relevant to contemporary issues. It fosters an understanding of human agency and informs decision making in the present. The study of history also equips students to take an informed position on matters both historical and present, helping them develop as individuals and citizens.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – 20th Century History (1918 – 1939)

    Unit 2 – 20th Century History (1945 – 2000)

    Unit 3 – Revolutions: French Revolution (1774 – 1795)

    Unit 4 – Revolutions: Russian Revolution (1896 – 1927)

    Skill Development

    Students will develop skills such as comprehension and analysis of sources and information. Synthesis of information to answer key questions and develop solutions to problems. Collaborative and cooperative learning. Presentation of understanding in a variety of formats – visual, written, multimedia and oral. Effective writing of both shorter responses and essays as well as the use of appropriate computer software.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Historical Inquiry, Evaluation of Historical Sources, Extended Responses, Essay.


    HTAV Student Lectures and History Roadshow Tour

    Career Options

    Tour guide, Writer, Teacher, Journalist, Historian, Anthropologist, Librarian, Museum Curator, Research, Officer, Editor, Political Scientist

    Year 11 & 12