Offering exposure and engagement in Psychology and Health and Human Development. Students examine Psychology and Health Human Development as dynmaic concepts, incorporating biological, sociocultural and environmental factors, many of which can be modified by health care and other interventions.

    Students consider the interaction of these factors, with particular focus on the social factors that influence health and wellbeing; this is, on how health and wellbeing, and development, may be influenced by the conditions into which people are born, grow, live, work and age.

    Unit Topics

    Sports Psychology (PE), Clinical Psychology (HHD/Psych), Forensic Psychology (Psych), Educational/Developmental Psychology (HHD)

    Skill Development

    Research skills – In text referencing, bibliography development and basic VCE research and literacy skills.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Clinical, behavioural and psychological testing and observations
    • Child and Adolescent Development
    • Motivation, goal setting and sporting performance

    Career Options

    Psychology, Health and Human Development, Sport Psychology and Clinical Psychology and possible careers in health and sport management.

    Year 10