VCE Health and Human Development takes a broad and multidimensional approach to defining and understanding health and wellbeing. Students explore in depth how well being is defined and influenced. They explore the ways in which health is measured and with a focus on youth, students enquire into reasons for variations and inequalities in health status. The unit investigates the Australian health system and also looks at health in a global context, exploring the complex interplay of biological, sociocultural and environmental factors that support and improve health and wellbeing and those that put it at risk. The study provides opportunities for students to view health and wellbeing, and development, holistically – across the lifespan and the globe, and through a lens of social equity and justice.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Understanding Health and Wellbeing 

    Unit 2 – Managing health and development

    Unit 3 – Australia’s health in a globalised world

    Unit 4 – Health and human development in a global context

    Skill Development

    Research and data collection; analytical skills, interpreting graphs and text; analyse issues; applying key knowledge, connecting concepts such as describing interrelationships in a health context and identify inequalities; understanding health from a global perspective and evaluating initiatives.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Topic tests, Written assignments, Oral Presentations, Exam, Project based work.


    Individual/ Partner/Group work, Class discussion, Some hands on practical activities. Opportunity to attend seminars.

    Career Options

    VCE Health and Human Development offers students a range of pathways including further formal study in areas such as health promotion, community health research and policy development, humanitarian aid work, allied health practices, education, and the health profession.

    Year 11 & 12