General Mathematics Units 1- 4 is designed to be widely accessible and provide preparation for general employment, business or further study.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – General Mathematics

     – Data Analysis (types, displaying, distributions, summary statistics for centre and spread)

     – Number & Algebra (linear relationships, arithmetic & geometric sequences, financial maths)

     – Graphs (linear, modelling, simultaneous equations)

    – Matrices (solving practical problems, population growth & decay)

    Unit 2 – General Mathematics

    • Data Analysis (modelling bivariate data, association and causation)
    • Graphs & Networks (connectedness, shortest path, minimum spanning trees)
    • Variation (direct and indirect variation, modelling non-linear relationships)
    • Measurement (two and three dimensional, scale, Pythagoras, trigonometry)

    Unit 3 and 4 – General Mathematics

    • Data Analysis
    • Financial Maths (interest, appreciation, depreciation, loans, annuities and perpetuities)
    • Matrices (2 and 3 step dominance, communication and transition matrices)
    • Networks (travel, connection, flow, matching, allocation and scheduling problems)

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Assessment tasks for Unit 1 and 2

    Assessment tasks for Unit 1 and 2 could include; assignments, tests, solutions to worked questions, summary/review notes, modelling tasks, problem-solving tasks, and mathematical investigations. These will involve the appropriate use of technology (CAS calculator required). All assessments for Units 1 and 2 are school-based, procedures for assessment of levels of achievement in Units 1 and 2 are a matter for school decision.

    Assessment Units 3 and 4 (CAS calculator required)

    Unit 3 School-assessed Coursework will contribute 24% to the study score and Unit 4 School- assessed Coursework will contribute16% to the study score. Level of achievement is also assessed by two end-of-year examinations of 1.5 hours duration, which contribute 60% of the study score, each contributing 30% to the study score. (CAS calculator required).

    Career Options

    Business, Nursing, Education – most careers require a level of maths competency (NOTE: at time of writing Tertiary Education have not indicated what level of Mathematics is required for specific courses for 2025 entry).

    Year 11 & 12