In Year 10 Furniture Construction, students are introduced to a wide range of furniture construction joins and processes to build confidence in the safe use of tools and machinery. Students develop a folio that follows the steps and stages of the product design process in preparation for possible continuation into VCE Product Design & Technology.

    Within the folio, students identify the need and end-user/s to determine the requirements of their intended piece of furniture and design their furniture using a wide range of drawing conventions. Students use a wide range of tools and machinery to produce their intended product. Finally the product and student

    progress is evaluated and reflected on to close the product design process.

    Unit Topics

    Onguard Safety Training.

    Introduction to furniture joins, processes and techniques.

    • A folio that includes: design brief, visualisations (sketches), design options, scheduled production plan, journal and evaluation.
    • Production of the intended design using a range of hand tools, machinery and processes.

    Skill Development

    • Folio development
    • Design Skills
    • Safe use of Machinery
    • Furniture Construction Techniques
    • Journaling (writing)

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Development of a folio (intended design)
    • Production Skills
    • Evaluation of the finished product


    Design, Industrial Design, Building and Construction, Cabinet Making, Furniture Making

    Year 10