The aim is to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and apply skills to solve mathematical problems. Students should be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for employment .

    Students who have found it difficult to achieve satisfactory results in one or both semesters of Year 9 Mathematics should consider this course. This course leads to VCE-VM Numeracy at Year 11.

    Unit Topics

    Units studied will include topics chosen from the following:

    • The Mathematics of buying a car
    • Collecting and analysing data
    • Percentages, money and budgeting
    • Geometry and measurement
    • Catering and hospitality
    • Computational skills
    • Using technology
    • Problem solving

    Skill Development

    Revision and consolidation of basic mathematical skills for everyday life.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Possible assessment tasks could include; assignments, tests, solutions to worked questions, summary/review notes, modelling tasks, problem-solving tasks and mathematical investigations. These may involve the appropriate use of technology (Scientific Calculator and/or Excel).

    Career Options

    Apprenticeships in a variety of trades, hospitality, retail employments.

    Year 10