Foundation Mathematics Units 1- 4 focus on providing students with the mathematical knowledge, skills, understanding and dispositions to solve problems in read contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings relevant to current society.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Foundation Mathematics

    • Number skills (percentages, fractions and decimals)
    • Displaying univariate data (tables, graphs and charts)
    • Personal finances (tax, banking and borrowing)
    • Measurement, scale and timetables (digital and analogue)

    Unit 2 – Foundation Mathematics

    • Number skills (using formulas)
    • Describing univariate data (range, standard deviation, mean and median)
    • Personal finances (insurance, superannuation, local and national economics)
    • Measurement (plans, maps, routes, travel times)

    Unit 3 and 4 – Foundation Mathematics (2024 onwards)

    • Number skills (formulas, graphs, algebra, rounding, estimates)
    • Data (collections and modelling of data)
    • Business finances (payroll, invoicing, BAS, GST, financial risk)
    • Measurement (two and three dimensional shapes, non-metric units, scaling)

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Assessment tasks for Unit 1 and 2 (Scientific calculator required)

    Possible assessment tasks could include; assignments, tests, solutions to worked questions, summary/review notes, modelling tasks, problem-solving tasks and mathematical investigations. These may involve the appropriate use of technology (Scientific Calculator). All assessments for Units 1 and 2 are school-based. Procedures for assessment of levels of achievement in Units 1 and 2 are a matter for school decision.

    Assessment Units 3 and 4 (Scientific calculator required)

    Unit 3 School-assessed Coursework will contribute 40% to the study score and Unit 4 School- assessed Coursework will contribute 20% to the study score. Level of achievement is also assessed by an end-of-year examination of 2.0 hours duration, which contributes 60% of the study score.

    Career Options

    Building, Trades, Business, most careers require a level of maths competency. (NOTE: at time of writing Tertiary Education have not indicated what level of Mathematics is required for specific courses for 2025 entry)

    Year 11 & 12