Students will study and respond critically to texts created for a wide range of purposes and audiences.

    Students will read classic, contemporary and popular literary texts, media and multimedia texts and develop more critical and analytical ways of reading and responding to them. Students will use a vocabulary to talk explicitly about the style and tone of a text. Students will analyse how different texts are likely to be interpreted by different groups, and why.

    Students will be able to speak in a variety of formal and informal situations, exploring different perspectives on complex ideas and issues.

    They will make informed judgments about the most effective way to engage an audience. They will listen critically and examine the subtle ways in which spoken language influences audiences.

    Skill Development

    Students study a number of print and non-print texts. They focus on set texts. Responses will require students to look at issues and themes raised in these texts. Each student will keep their work in a well organised workbook. Students will develop their skills in a range of writing styles and strategies using samples, discussion, drafting and workshopping. They will be taught the elements of written English appropriate to this level and will review basic skills as required. Year 10 students are expected to be aware of the need for precision in their work and be able to achieve error free writing as a result of the drafting and editing process.

    Speaking and listening skills will be components of many activities involving texts and writing. They will also be developed as a set of skills essential to effective participation in work and the community. These activities reflect the requirements of the Victorian Curriculum and will develop skills essential for VCE studies.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Assessment of student performance is carried out over many different types of tasks at frequent intervals. Assessment may be by short answer activities, detailed written responses, oral responses, teacher observation, self- assessment, group work, peer assessment or projects.

    Career Options

    Copywriter, Publisher, Author, Teacher, Media Presenter, Law Clerk, Librarian, Advertising, Speech Writer, Journalist, Social Media Influencer

    Year 10