In this subject, students will read and respond to texts both analytically and personally. They will also analyse arguments and the use of persuasive language in texts. Students will also explore the presentation of ideas, issues and themes in texts, creating and presenting a point of view text, in the form of an oral presentation.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Reading, exploring and crafting texts

    Unit 2 – Reading and exploring texts and exploring argument

    Unit 3 – Reading, responding to and creating texts

    Unit 4 – Reading and responding to texts and analysing argument

    Skill Development

    Critical assessment of the views and values presented in texts. Use textual evidence to justify a response, plan and write crafted texts, develop and sustain voice and style, apply  the conventions of oral presentation in the delivery of spoken texts and identify and analyse comparative features of texts.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Reading mentor texts and allow crafting texts for interpretation of ideas. Analyse the use of argument and persuasive language in texts. Produce detailed analyses of how texts present ideas, issues and themes. Students will be required to prepare and present a sustained point of view on a current topic.


    Discussion of texts – both print and electronic – creating and presenting oral responses, essay writing, group work, listening, viewing and responding to non-print texts, mind-mapping, note-taking. Students will attend occasional lectures, held off-campus to supplement their understanding of the course and, if applicable, attend a viewing of a live theatre performance.

    Career Options

    Copywriter, Publisher, Author, Teacher, Media Presenter, Law Clerk, Librarian, Advertising, Speech, Writer, Journalist, Social Media influencer

    Year 11 & 12