For students with an interest in electronics, programming and robotics, this is a course that is tailored for you. Although experience from year 9 Systems is preferred, it is not necessary. This unit will introduce the student to basic electronics, but more importantly it focuses on the world of programmable micro-controllers in which the aim is to build a mechanical/ electrical closed loop system. Closed loop means the project must react to a stimulus, and previous projects have included bots that detect an obstacle and avoid it by deciding the best path to travel. This subject has a cost associated with it and depends on the complexity and type of micro-controller used.

    Unit Topics

    • Electronics
    • Programming
    • Micro-controllers

    Skill Development

    Soldering, Programming, Fabrication and understanding Mechanical and Electrical Systems.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Folio, Onguard Training and the Fabrication of a Closed Loop System.



    Career Options


    Year 10