In Year 9 students consider how the Australian economy is performing and the importance of its interactions and relationships with the Asia region and the global economy in achieving growth and prosperity. Students explore the relationship between economic performance and living standards as well as the reasons why these differ across regions within and between economies. They also examine the way the work and business environment is changing in contemporary Australia and globally, and the implications this has for current and future generations.

    Unit Topics

    • Resource Allocation and Making Choices
    • Consumer and Financial Literacy

    Skill Development

    Students develop their ability to investigate, identify and explain indicators of economic performance. They also practice examining the links between economic performance and living standards, identifying and justifying the variations that exist between economics. They explain and describe financial risk management and the Australian and global financial landscape as well.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Source Analysis
    • Research Report
    • Annotated Visual Display
    • Photo Essay
    • Oral Presentation
    • ESSI Money Simulation
    • Written Test
    • In-class Debate

    Career Options

    Teacher, Editor, Journalist, Research Assistant, Producer, Writer, Banker, Business Owner, Stockbroker, Politician, Human Resource Management, Lawyer, Journalist, Actuarial Analyst, Accountant, Data Analyst, Economist, Financial Risk Analyst, Statistician.

    Year 9