In Year 10, students both, individually and in groups, create and develop characters and scripts appropriate to performance style and intention. They design and construct stagecraft elements for their performances, rehearse, and present their work to a range of formal audiences, and to camera, and consider the impact of the audience in their planning. Students are assessed on a combination of written and performance tasks, including preparatory research and reflective self-analysis. They maintain a record of their exploration, development and refining of ideas, use of elements and principles and/or conventions and application of techniques and processes when making and presenting their arts works. At all stages, their work should demonstrate an understanding of different theatrical styles, conventions and production elements.

    Unit Topics

    In the Year 10 Drama, students will:

    • Devise, rehearse, and design an ensemble performance
    • Explore and implement play building techniques to devise and present more abstract pieces
    • Present performances
    • Undertake and present research tasks relevant to specific theatre styles
    • Develop a knowledge and understanding of various production elements
    • Evaluate and reflect upon their experiences, skills and development

    Skill Development

    Skills developed include play-making techniques, expressive and performance skills, characterisation, the ability to examine the dramatic potential within numerous stimuli, and theatrical conventions associated with particular performance styles.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

        • Participation in classroom activities
        • Internet research projects
        • Participation in the creation of ensemble performances
        • Production design tasks
        • Self-reflection and evaluation assignments
        • Written analysis of professional performance


    Performance night, attend a regional play/performance.

    Career Options

    Acting, script writing, stagehand, directing, theatre technician, editing.

    Year 10