This subject develops students’ expressive and performance skills in devising, preparing and presenting small group and solo work, exploring characters and stories. Students draw from a range of stimulus materials including visual imagery to present dramatic interpretation of the content showing their familiarity with more abstract theatrical styles. Students will also be required to attend live performance and evaluate both their own work and that of professional plays.

    Unit Topics

    Unit 1 – Introducing Performance Styles 

    Unit 2 – Australian Identity

    Unit 3 – Devised ensemble performance 

    Unit 4 – Devised solo performance

    Skill Development

    Skills developed include play-making techniques, expressive and performance skills, characterisation, production areas, the ability to examine the dramatic potential within numerous stimuli, and theatrical conventions associated with particular performance styles.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    The subject requires numerous public presentations of theatrical performances both individually and in groups. Students will also be required to complete numerous theory-based assignments, evaluations of their performance work and in Year 12 an externally assessed written and performance exam.


    Students are required to attend and write an analysis of a professional performance in Melbourne, selected from the VCAA Drama playlist. Evening performance of ensemble/solo presentation.

    Career Options

    Acting, script writing, stagehand, directing, theatre technician, editing.

    Year 11 & 12