Students will explore the operation and function of the digital camera in the production of a folio of technical photographs, including landscapes and portraits and creative digital manipulation using effects with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students will learn techniques in improving their images by applying the compositional rules of photography. In doing so they will develop skills in making decisions about creative ways of generating and implementing ideas.

    This elective can provide a pathway to further VCE studies in Visual Communications.

    Unit Topics

    Students will be introduced to a range of methods used for making artworks using digital mediums. This includes an introduction into the use of a Digital SLR camera, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.Students investigate an artist and make artworks influenced by the style of that particular artist. Students create a folio/sketchbook documenting the development of their technical skills and artworks. The sketchbook will also include written work that evaluates, reflects on and justifies their works’ content.

    Skill Development

    Adobe software suite, DSLR camera skills and techniques, Creative Thinking, studio photography, studio lighting.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

        • Sketchbook/Folio of photos and ideas
        • Food photography
        • Creative Edited photographs
        • Macro Photography – Little people
        • Studio Portrait photography
        • Product Photography


    Food photography in the local community, exhibitions at school and within the community and workshops during Arts week.

    Career Options

    Artist, Curator, Photographer, Designer, Conservator, Multi media, Photographic Journalist, Art Teacher, Commercial Artist, Aerial Photographer, Photo Editor, Sports Photographer, Digital Asset Manager, Studio Lighting Assistant, Science Photographer, Commercial Photographer, Fine Art Photographer.

    Year 10