In Year 10 Design Wood, students develop a folio that follows the steps and stages of the product design process in preparation for VCE Product Design & Technology. Students identify the need and end-user/s to determine the requirements of their intended product and then design their product using a wide range of drawing conventions. Students use a wide range of tools and machinery to produce their intended product. Finally the product and student progress is evaluated and reflected on to close the product design process.

    Unit Topics

    -Onguard Safety Training

    -A folio that includes: design brief, visualisations (sketches), design options, scheduled production plan, journal and evaluation

    -Production of the intended design using a range of hand tools, machinery and processes.

    Skill Development

    • Folio development
    • Design Skills
    • Safe use of Machinery
    • Wood Construction Techniques
    • Journaling (writing)

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Development of a folio (intended design)
    • Production Skills
    • Evaluation of the finished product

    Career Options

    Design, Industrial Design, Building and Construction, Cabinet Making, Furniture Making.

    Year 10