In Year 9, students design and complete a tool box made from galvanised sheet. They are given plans in imperial measurements which they need to convert to metric units, alongside generate 1:1 scale drawings. These drawings will be used to help the student cut, fold and rivet all the pieces to construct a tool box and insert. Assessment is the result of the design process, a finished product and a self-evaluation of the finished product. If the tool box is finished early, students complete a mini folio of a project they wish to make. Further skills are then imparted for them to achieve this goal. These skills include grinding, plasma cutting, welding, folding and general metal work. Past projects have included fire pits, horseshoe tables, automotive tools and decorative garden ornaments.

    Unit Topics

    The students complete the design booklet, complete the production of their design and the safety program booklet related to tools and equipment.

    Skill Development

    The students develop design and production skills learning how to apply these correctly to complete their project.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Successful completion of their workbook and practical project.

    Career Options

    Machining, Steel Fabrication, Boiler making, Welding, Scaffolding, Mechanics, Engineering

    Year 9