Students will explore dance styles and develop their own technique and appreciation for dance performance. There is a strong practical and performance element with students working in groups to contribute and create choreography.

    Unit Topics

    Students will experience the following:

    • Developing dance terminology
    • Developing the concepts of dance making
    • Students will participate in the performance evening at the end of semester
    • Dance theory
    • Choreography

    Skill Development

    • Physical skills
    • Analytical (written) appreciation of dance
    • Dance appropriate terminology
    • Technical application of dance concepts

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Making and presenting a dance piece which explores a range of themes, issues and ideas
    • Submission of a journal/workbook
    • Contribution to class activities and workshops

    Career Options

    School teacher, Fitness Instructor, Personal trainer, Choreographer, Dietician, Physiotherapist, Sport Management, Yoga/Pilates Instructor, Dance Teacher, Occupational Therapist.

    Year 9