The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of mathematical concepts and apply skills to solve mathematical problems. Students should be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for employment or further study.

    Students who achieve satisfactory results in one or both semesters of Year 9 Mathematics may choose to do this course. Satisfactory completion of this course will lead to VCE General Mathematics Units 1 and 2, or VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2.

    Unit Topics

    Units studied will include topics chosen from the following:

    • Chance and probability
    • Geometry and measurement
    • Linear and Quadratic graphs and modelling
    • Financial mathematics
    • Trigonometry
    • Computational skills
    • Data and Statistics
    • Quadratic expansion and factorisations
    • Use of technology where necessary and appropriate

    Skill Development

    To build on the mathematical skills developed in Year 9 with an emphasis on practical applications of mathematics in areas of finance, measurement and data analysis.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Possible assessment tasks could include; assignments, tests, solutions to worked questions, summary/review notes, modelling tasks, problem-solving tasks and mathematical investigations. These may involve the appropriate use of technology (CAS Calculator &/or Excel).

    Career Options

    Core Mathematics is recommended for students considering future studies in Business, Education, a variety of trades, Nursing and Allied Health.

    Year 10