This semester long elective aims to provide students with an opportunity to understand and participate in physical activity and develop lifelong activity patterns.

    Unit Topics

    • Planning and organising group activities
    • Group management
    • Investigation into and participation in community activities, eg. lawn bowls, croquet, underwater hockey
    • Physical, social and mental benefits of physical activity

    Skill Development

    Students are involved in participating in a wide range of sports offered in the local community, they learn how to interact, participate and play these sports by learning the rules and taking instructions from other members of the community. They learn how to organise a class activity, by working in groups to either organise and facilitate or teach the class a chosen activity. This builds on their leadership and teamwork skills in working towards a common goal.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Activity Reflections
    • Community research assignment
    • Organise and run a whole class activity
    • Participation in activities

    Career Options

    Personal Trainer, Sports Analyst, Tourism, Sports Research, Recreation Management, Swimming Teacher, Biomechanist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapy, Sports Physician, Statistician, Weight Loss Counsellor, Sports Commentator, Police Officer, Sportsperson.

    Year 9