The Year 9 Civics curriculum builds students’ understanding of Australia’s political system and how it enables change. They examine the ways in which the government is influenced and how the political decision-making processes work. They also investigate the features and principles of Australia’s court system, including its role in applying and interpreting Australian law. They investigate the values and practices that enable a democratic society to be sustained.

    Unit Topics

    • Government and Democracy
    • Laws and Citizens

    Skill Development

    Students develop their ability to evaluate Australia’s political system and identify and analyse the influences on people’s electoral choices. They practice comparing key features of government and key principles of Australia’s system of justice. They are also given the opportunity to improve their evaluation skills and ability to develop and sustain an argument, taking into account multiple perspectives and ambiguities.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Source Analysis
    • Research Report
    • Annotated Visual Display
    • Photo Essay
    • Oral Presentation
    • Written Test
    • In-class Debate

    Career Options

    This area provides an excellent foundation for careers in the law. Some of these include: barrister, solicitor, legal clerk, police force, teacher and youth worker.

    Year 9