In Civics and Citizenship students investigate the origins of Australia’s democratic political system, develop a point of view on issues such as human rights and global equality and wellbeing. They also investigate our multicultural society, the role of political parties, our legal system and the role of the courts. Students develop an understanding of their role as local, national and global citizens and ways they can contribute to raising awareness and participating in each community while considering the opinion of others.

    Unit Topics

    • Government & Democracy
    • Laws & Citizens
    • Citizenship, Diversity & Identity

    Skill Development

    • Analysing the roles and responsibilities of ‘global citizens’
    • Comparing and evaluating the key features and values of systems of government
    • Evaluation of the factors that sustain democracy and Australia’s system of justice
    • Examining and understanding a range of perspectives

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    • Group research task
    • Source analysis
    • Oral presentation11

    Year 10