Year 10 Chemistry provides an opportunity for students to develop an introduction in preparation for VCE Chemistry. The study covers a variety of topics including; writing and balancing chemical equations, acids and bases, neutralisation reactions, titrations and naming hydrocarbons, polymers, factors affecting reaction rates and nanotechnology. Students are expected to complete a range of practical reports to assist in understanding of the concepts.

    Unit Topics

    • Chemical Equations
    • Chemical Reactions
    • Nanotechnology
    • Polymers
    • Hydrocarbons

    Skill Development

    Science inquiry skills, such as questioning, predicing, planning, conducting, recording, analysing, evaluating and communicating.

    Possible Assessment Tasks

    Practical investigations, research tasks, tests and assignments.


    Practical investigations.

    Career Options

    Chemistry leads to a wide range of careers; including (but not limited to) agriculture, agronomist, biochemistry, botany, food technology, laboratory work, metallurgy, microbiology, nursing, medical practitioner, pharmacy, toxicology, veterinary studies, wine making, forensic scientist, dietician, natural resources and sports science.

    Year 10